Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fitness : Reduce weight and Burn Calories in Easy Way rwab

To lose weight we have to burn more calories than what we have everyday. but we are not upto suggest you to go for a gym . gym is not the only place for physical fitness and burning extra calories. seems you got bored of this every repeating sequence . yes we are going to look this in a different angle to get out calories burning work a much enjoyable one ( yes sure we going to enjoy just as we had our recipes ) . this will sure bring some changes and make the whole week to go on and on with our fitness work .
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A brisk walk with Skipping ( March and skip ) We always go for walking or jogging and be on the same mode or get rest and again will be in the same exercise . try something different from the next day . at some regular intervals - try to march like a soldier, swing your arms and skipping is also good for burning down your calories .if possible bring a skipping rope with u- every time you go for jogging or walking , do skipping on regular intervals during your walk .
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 backyard and garden Work
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feeling Strange about this ? yes working hard in our yard for 20-40mins gives good results in good calories burning . the cool thing about this method of calorie burning is - it not only makes you feel healthy, trim, fit and beautiful - yes it actually makes the same for our yard too.. trim the plants , get the weeds out of the garden , get some new plants , planting and do mowing . Fight for your Fitness
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Fighting for your fitness, that's right .whom it may be they also get good calorie burn and a interesting and memorable time and they feel you have spent some good time with them . yes have a funny Wrestle with your family ( we mean who are in the age to wrestle with you ) , be cautious not to hurt or get hurt . dance and clean
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hey take some properties before you jump into dancing - vacuum cleaner (or what you clean your house with ). yeah we mean it -take your property and put on some rocking music in your music system or i pod ( rocking and fast beat kind of music ) . rest, the music will drive you what to do . this cleaning dance will give us a nice workout and calorie burning - finally a clean house too... play with kids and yourself Playing with kids , kids playing
If you ave a exercise ball at your home, try through and catch by yourself . if you have kids at playing age -get them involved in the game , roll the weighted exercise ball , through and fetch it . this gives a good workout and mind level stress relief .
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Playing gives good relief from stress